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Scar Treatment

Thankfully, modern aesthetic technology now makes it possible to treat scars and dramatically improve skin quality, texture, and appearance. We offer various scar treatment techniques, each of which can be used singly or in combination to reduce the appearance of scars.


PMMA, or polymethylmethacrylate, make up the microspheres found in Bellafill, an FDA approved treatment. This injectable filler can fill in pitted acne scars that have left you with an uneven, bumpy, unattractive texture on facial skin as a result of acne breakouts or trauma.



Our focus on effective cosmetic enhancement and anti-aging techniques that produce real world, visible results have led us to DeepFX as a treatment for facial scars and other flaws. This laser treatment takes about twenty minutes to perform, with targeted microbeams entering the skin structure and stimulating the skin to produce higher levels of collagen to improve smoothness and texture.


Punch Excision

Some facial scars are deep, distracting, and make people feel less confident. Punch excision is a treatment for ice pick scars – those deep pits affecting the skin’s surface. Each scar is treated individually, with the scar tissue first removed, and then the skin surface stitched together so it grows back in a smoother, more even texture, with the pits removed.


Saline Injections

Our clinic was involved in researching this effective scar treatment. It is safe, almost painless, and produces a dramatic improvement in the appearance of facial scars. The specialized saline solution is injected into a scar, requiring only minutes to perform. The results are natural in appearance, and this scar treatment is far less invasive than some treatments. It is appropriate for specific types of facial scars.



CO2 laser skin treatments have brought new hope those who are living with visible facial scars. The TotalFX system can produce a significant improvement and requires only a single treatment. It smooths, tightens, and softens scars and facial flaws, fades discoloration, and stimulates natural collagen production for healthier, firmer, more glowing skin.



A “pulsed dye laser,” the VBeam focuses a gentle, powerful burst of light energy, which is then absorbed by the blood vessels in the surface of the skin, after which they are naturally reabsorbed by the body, reducing the redness and discoloration associated with facial skin scarring.


Xtract Laser Therapy

Scars that are pale or white in color can be successfully treated with Xtrac Laser therapy, including cases of vitiligo, some types of eczema, and psoriasis, all of which can leave your skin looking uneven and less attractive and smooth. This may be part of your scar treatment, used to treat specific patches of skin and improve texture and quality.


* There are no refunds, but you may exchange for another service if indicated by the physician.

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