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Skincare Devices & Lasers

Clear & Brilliant

If you struggle with aging skin that has lost its youthful glow, Clear & Brilliant offers precise and accurate laser treatment to your problem areas. The handheld device delivers laser technology and ensures that the treatment is even and precise. The treatment is quick and our patients report minimal discomfort.


A natural and non-invasive way to freeze away unwanted fat, CoolSculpting is an innovative treatment that uses a specially-designed device that freezes and destroys stubborn fat without damaging the skin. After being frozen, the fat cells are broken down and expelled naturally. The versatile treatment can be used almost anywhere on the body.

Cutera ExcelV

This advanced laser treatment offers relief from visible veins, redness, uneven skin tone or texture, and scars. The Cutera Excel V uses special laser technology that can treat deeper skin irregularities to reduce their appearance. Stubborn purple and blue veins coagulate and are absorbed into the body, revitalizing your skin with minimal discomfort.

Cutera Laser Genesis

Used to reduce redness, acne, pore size, scarring, and uneven texture, the Cutera Laser Genesis is a quick and easy laser treatment that will smooth your skin and give a youthful, natural glow. The treatment is completed in under an hour and requires no downtime, so you can resume your activities right away.

Cynosure MedLite

Most often used for tattoo removal, the Cynosure MedLite laser can also be effective for skin resurfacing to reduce the appearance of scars, sun damage, and wrinkles. The specially-designed laser can break down even the most complex and colorful tattoos so the ink is naturally flushed away by the body. The versatile laser provides consistent and even results.

Cynosure Picosure

Another form of laser treatment, the Cynosure Picosure laser is often used for skin discolorations such as freckles, sun spots, and scars or discolored acne scars. The laser does not use intense heat to burn or harm the skin, but instead uses gentle, targeted laser energy to disrupt pigment.

Cynosure RevLite

Using different wavelengths to target full-color tattoos, the Cynosure RevLite laser is another tool used to reduce the appearance of unwanted ink. The precise laser energy targets specific colors based on the frequency used, and efficiently breaks down the full spectrum of colors, including black. The laser can also be used for spot treatment of acne scars, discoloration, and wrinkles.


During microneedling treatments, a Dermapen is used to effectively and accurately treat smaller areas of the skin. The device uses tiny needles to pierce the skin and activate the body’s natural healing process to generate collagen and elastin. Pain and discomfort are minimal, and the treatment can be used to naturally improve the look of wrinkles, acne scars, stretchmarks, and the signs of aging.

Ellipse IPL

The versatile and advanced Ellipse IPL laser is known to treat a wide variety of skin irregularities, including unwanted veins, sun damage, uneven pigment, and rosacea. The laser can be used almost anywhere on the body and offers effective, non-invasive treatment with little-to-no pain or downtime.

Fraxel 1550

If you are seeing the signs of aging on your skin, including sun spots, skin lesions, wrinkles, or scars, then the Fraxel 1550 laser could be the perfect way to restore your skin. The tiny, focused laser can treat even the smallest of spots without damaging surrounding tissues, leading to faster healing time and minimal pain. The laser stimulates the growth of new collagen to revitalize your skin and provide a more youthful appearance.


Using a high-energy laser and heat technology to penetrate deep into the skin, the GentleLase technology is ideal for laser hair removal in addition to treating skin irregularities. The advanced technology delivers the perfect balance of heat for treatment and cryogen to protect the outer layers of skin.

GentleMAX Pro

Another form of laser hair removal, the GentleMAX Pro combines two different wavelengths of laser technology to offer safe and effective treatment. The intense energy targets and removes each hair follicle. The device can be used on any skin type and has other uses including treatment for visible spider veins, spots, lesions, and uneven skin tone.


A newly developed treatment called the GentleYAG uses advanced lasers that target the pigment in hair follicles to permanently eliminate hair in unwanted areas. The device first uses cryogen to cool your skin and make the treatment more comfortable, followed by precise heat proven effective in treating unwanted hair and some other cosmetic concerns.

Lumenis Ultra Pulse Fractional CO2, DeepFX, ActiveFX

The UltraPulse ablative lasers penetrate deeper than most other laser devices to treat thicker lesions on the skin. The DeepFX and ActiveFX modes are used to treat wrinkles, scars, lesions, dyschromia, and uneven skin tone. The device is versatile and precise, offering deep treatment without damaging surrounding tissues.

Sellas Fractional Laser

Ideal for uneven skin tone, the Sellas fractional laser eliminates pigmented epidermal cells. The treatment begins the body’s natural production of collagen to improve the appearance of your skin. Originally developed for use on people with darker skin tone, it has a wide range of uses.


Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to offer non-invasive treatment of wrinkles and lines on the chest, neck, chin, and around the brow area. The FDA-approved treatment stimulates the production of collagen to lift and tighten skin without the need for surgical intervention. Pain is very minimal, and you can resume your normal activities right away.

V-BEAM Perfecta

Using what’s called a pulsed-dye laser for treatment, the V-BEAM Perfecta is used to diminish the look of lesions, rosacea, scars, stretch marks, and other skin imperfections. The high-tech device uses 8 micro-lasers, enabling the laser to deliver short bursts of high-intensity energy to the treatment area while preserving the surrounding tissue.

Venus Legacy

Used to improve the appearance of skin on the face and body, the Venus Legacy treatment combines radio frequency with pulsed magnetic fields to reduce fat and tighten skin. Fat cells are broken down, and nutrients and oxygen are circulated more easily to the cells. The non-invasive treatment can also trigger natural collagen and elastin production to tighten sagging skin.

Venus Versa

Venus Versa is a technologically advanced laser that has many different functions. It was recently approved by the FDA for seventeen different treatments! It can be used to treat uneven skin tone or texture, acne, cellulite, wrinkles, unwanted hair, and many other skin conditions.

Venus Viva

A device used for skin resurfacing, the FDA-approved Venus Viva uses fractional radiofrequency to improve the complexion and texture of your skin. The intensity can be customized by your dermatologist based on the severity of your scars, rosacea, stretch marks, wrinkles, or the level of unevenly textured skin. The non-invasive treatment requires little to no downtime.


The Vivace microneedling device is FDA-approved and provides a new alternative to other microneedling devices by offering doctors to alter the depth and radiofrequency to fit the needs of each specific patient. The handheld device uses tiny needles to create small, painless channels that stimulate your body’s natural healing process, producing collagen and elastin that can revitalize your skin and reduce the look of wrinkles, sagging skin, and skin laxity.

* There are no refunds, but you may exchange for another service if indicated by the physician.

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