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Acne FAQs

If blemishes are holding you back, it’s time to take action. Advanced Skincare MedCenter knows that over-the-counter cleansers and creams may not be enough to reduce acne, and offers a holistic approach as a solution. Located in Newport Beach, and Fullerton, California, the team finds and treats the cause of your acne, healing your skin from the inside out. If you’re tired of being embarrassed about the condition of your skin, seek Advanced Skincare MedCenter’s help. Call the office or book an appointment online.

How is acne treated?

When you visit Advanced Skincare MedCenter for acne treatment, the compassionate doctors create a customized plan to address your specific concerns. This plan may include in-office and at-home procedures to bring you the best outcomes as quickly as possible.

Your plan may include professional exfoliation, which removes dead and damaged skin cells, allowing products to absorb into your skin, increasing their effectiveness easily. Advanced Skincare MedCenter also uses blue LED light therapy, which kills the bacteria on your skin that may be causing your acne. This light also soothes your skin, reducing inflammation and redness.

Depending on your skin’s condition, Advanced Skincare MedCenter may suggest weekly or bi-weekly in-office treatments. That heals your skin faster, and allows her to monitor your progress and ensure there’s no skin irritation or inflammation.

Are at-home products recommended for acne?

Advanced Skincare MedCenter may recommend natural, at-home products to help heal your skin and improve its appearance. That may include products to lighten dark spots caused by acne scars, as well as moisturizing creams to prevent dryness. In some cases, Advanced Skincare MedCenter has premade at-home kits that contain everything you need to get and keep your skin healthy and acne free.

What other options are offered for acne?

For extreme cases of acne, Advanced Skincare MedCenter can offer a thorough assessment of your skin and your individual needs. Additionally, Advanced Skincare MedCenter may offer options for a diet/detox plan that helps eliminate certain skin-irritating foods and provides the proper nutrients for your body and skin.

Other options for acne can include:

  • Maintenance facials
  • Enzyme peel/microdermabrasion
  • Facial peels
  • Blue LED light treatment with oxygen panel
  • Oxygen blasts and lymphatic drainage

You also receive a take-home kit and a natural BB cream (a beauty balm skin protector).

If you’re tired of the negative influence acne has on your life, start making changes to your skin today. Contact the team at Advanced Skincare MedCenter office for a complete assessment and consultation. You can even schedule your initial appointment online.

* There are no refunds, but you may exchange for another service if indicated by the physician.

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