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Laser Hair Removal

The intense heat of the laser damages the hair follicle to inhibit future hair growth. Our laser hair removal in Fullerton and Newport Beachis effective for most parts of the body.


Laser hair removal is a procedure where body hair is removed by penetrating hair follicles with highly concentrated light energy. This energy is absorbed by the hair follicles, which results in damage of the hair. It is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures people opt for in the United States.

For residents in Newport Beach and Fullerton, laser hair removal is a common cosmetic procedure. At ASC Medical Center, our laser hair removal techniques are extremely effective. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Our hair removal lasers, including lasers from our Newport Beach and Fullerton hair removal centers, have excellent precision. They can target the exact area you want, without negatively affecting the surrounding skin in any way.
  • Our Newport Beach laser hair removal technique, like our Newport Beach and Fullerton hair removal techniques, is extremely time-saving. Within a second, the laser has the capacity to treat an area of the skin, which is approximately equal to the size of one quarter.
  • Not only is our Fullerton laser removal hair technique efficient, it is also equally effective. Usually, clients lose their unwanted body hair permanently after four to seven laser hair removal sessions.


You may be ready to have a more permanent solution to excess hair on your face, bikini area, back, arms, legs, or underarms. It is very rewarding to have a long-term solution and be free from the constant maintenance – as well as problems such as ingrown hairs and bumps that are created by traditional hair removal with plucking, waxing, or shaving.


Laser hair removal should only be performed in a medical facility – the use of medical lasers requires skill, knowledge, and very careful application. At ADV, we offer advanced Fullerton laser hair removal to our patients and can discuss your needs with you personally. The results are long-lasting and make it possible to treat areas of excess hair quickly and effectively.


  • Unsightly facial hair
  • Excess chest or back hair
  • Hairy arms
  • Excessive armpit hair
  • Excess hair on bikini area requiring waxing or shaving


Our laser hair removal technique is a breakthrough for achieving long-lasting relief from unwanted hair growth without damaging the skin’s delicate pores and tissue. The GentleLASE or GentleYAG laser emits a beam of light energy that passes through the skin to the hair follicle where it is absorbed. The laser energy is transformed into heat, which destroys the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin.


You may be ready to have a more permanent solution to excess hair on your face, bikini area, back, arms, legs, or underarms. It is very rewarding to have a long-term solution and be free from the constant maintenance – as well as problems such as ingrown hairs and bumps that are created by traditional hair removal with plucking, waxing, or shaving. We offer amongst the best results in laser hair removal Fullerton has to offer.


IPL hair removal, which stands for Intense Pulse Light is another option for hair removal. The device generates a broad spectrum of light, which penetrates the client’s skin shallowly. IPL is not as targeted as laser hair removal. Only some of the wavelengths are absorbed by the body hair, resulting in hair loss. The rest of the wavelengths are simply reflected away. This makes it less efficient than laser treatment.


Our laser hair removal technique is one of the safest Newport Beach and Fullerton have to offer. We do everything we can to make your session as comfortable and safe as possible.

However, there may be some small risks, depending on every individual. These risks include skin irritation like redness, swelling and slight discomfort which will last only for a few hours after the treatment; and pigment changes where the client’s skin color may lighten or darken temporarily. It is also important to note that our laser hair removal may result in lightening of the color of body hair that may grow again later.

Usually, experts do not recommend using laser hair removal for areas around the eye, as the laser may cause severe injury to the eye.


The treatment will take place in our office. You will wear safety eyewear to protect your eyes from the laser light. Each laser pulse may be preceded by a short pulse of cooling spray. Our Newport Beach laser hair removal treatment could take as little as a few minutes to as long as an hour. The number of treatments required will depend on skin color, hair color and the coarseness of the hair.

Although the hair follicle cannot be permanently removed, hair growth can be stopped or minimized for approximately 3-5 months. Repeat sessions will be required to treat the follicles when they re-enter the early growth phase.


Before hair is removed using this technique, hair in the area to be treated is usually trimmed first with a pair of scissors. A cold gel is then applied to the concerned area to allow the light energy to penetrate effectively. You will be provided with goggles for eye protection.

The doctor will then press the laser equipment against your skin. The light energy will penetrate the hair follicles, which get damaged due to the intense heat. This prevents future hair growth.

Depending on the size of the area to be treated, the session may take just a few minutes to a few hours. For example, if you want to treat just your upper-lip, the session will take just a few minutes. However, if you want to remove hair from your legs, back or arms, the session will last for a few hours.

After your Newport Beach laser hair removal session, you may feel any of the side-effects mentioned above. You can apply ice in such cases. Make sure you avoid exposure to sunlight and wear sunscreen every time you go out for at least a month. You will also experience hair fall in the area treated.

If you live in Newport BeachFullerton and are considering laser hair removal, book a consultation with ASC Medical Center today.


Although there are no major side effects associated with this procedure, temporary redness and/or swelling in the treated area might occur but generally lasts for 1-2 days, or longer in some patients. There might be pigmentary changes in skin color as well as discomfort during or after the procedure, which usually lasts a few hours to a few days. Appropriate post-care instructions should be carefully followed including wearing sunscreen or protective clothing on exposed laser-treated areas for one month after the procedure. Makeup can be applied immediately after the treatment. After the treatment, the hairs slough off over 2-3 weeks. You may use a depilatory or electric razor to remove treated hair, but do not pluck the hairs. If you’re looking for the best results in laser hair removal Newport Beach and Fullerton have to offer, we are amongst the best in town.

* There are no refunds, but you may exchange for another service if indicated by the physician.

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